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The extreme conditions and demanding performance requirements in steel mills require tools that can stand up to the severe heat, grime, and relentless work they need to complete.

Titan tools are dependable, durable, safe and powerful. They can handle the toughest jobs and most brutal environments with ease. We design our tools from only the finest materials and engineer them specifically for the demands of the steel mill industry.

Titan offers superior bolting tools for all applications required by the steel mills industry. We also provide on-site consulting, training and technical expertise you can rely on.

Most Common Applications

Blast gate valves Large pump assemblies
Plunder studs Forgings
Long furnace auxiliary drives Rollers
Rolling mills Blast furnace wind mills
Hot blast mains Roller-grinding mills
Blast gate bolts Roller frames
Roller bearings Scrap metal presses
Housing on steel presses Foundation bolts
Chimney valves Billet carriers
Sheer blade bolts Pinion gear nuts
Rolling differentials Coke furnaces
Strip mill main bearings

No matter what the application, Titan has the right tool for the job. Titan delivers superior bolting products, outstanding service along with innovative support and leading edge customer driven technology.

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